Spring is in the Air!

Another winter behind us, the air is warming up and the snow melting. We are close to one of my favorite times of year – Spring. My other favorite time of year is fall – when the leaves are falling and the breeze is light. A light jacket just to keep the chill off and knowing that the best Holidays are right around the corner.

Back to Spring. Right now is the time to be breaking out your Trail Cameras and going over all of the settings and become re-acquainted with your cameras. If you are like me, you have several different types of cameras and they all program just a little bit differently. The time to re-familiarize yourself with them is now, before you get into the field and fumble with them. Make sure the batteries are charged or fresh. Check the straps and Cables or Locking Devices to be sure they will be functional and will not break while installing or leaving them out in the field. I have had many of elk and bear lick my cameras and especially the bears will ultimately take your cameras for at-least a short distance – so make sure they will be secure.

This past winter took me into the snowy mountains, looking for good spots to locate my cameras in hopes to catch some elk. Unfortunately I did not put any of my cameras in the elk wintering grounds and so I don’t have much of anything worth posting from this winter. For next winter I do have some great spots picked out and will need to locate my cameras before the snow flies and will be installing large 12 volt batteries with solar chargers to supply power throughout the winter.

And hopefully I will be able to get up there and place some cameras in the next few weeks so I can post more video in the coming months. Be safe out there and be mindful of carrying proper gear with you while hiking into those mountains! Until next time…