Cow Elk

These two cows were on a trail, the reason for the quick entry into the video with the second cow is because it had just jumped over a log as it came into view.  (Utah)

This young cow is acting very strange. Spooked? She comes out of the woods, runs past the camera and then goes back. Very strange.

I don’t know if this is the same cow as above, but this is another strange one. Watch how this one hops just like a deer going away from the camera, goes around a tree and then comes back past the camera – this time galloping like an elk. Confusing to me.

This Cow is very curious about the camera. They seem to be attracted to the red led lights – although they also explore the cameras during the day.

Another Cow at the watering hole

Momma Cow and baby calf at the watering hole. Watch the full video as there are a couple of interesting shots in there.