Trail Cameras – High Cost Vs. Low Cost

It is confusing to know what kind of camera you want to purchase initially. I myself am kind of a tightwad, so I like the inexpensive cameras. Personally, I see more advantages to purchasing less expensive systems:

  • More cameras mean more images/videos. For the money I could spend on 1 $250 camera, I could purchase four less expensive models. This does a few things. First it obviously allows me to place more cameras, thereby covering more trails or areas at the same time.
  • More cameras mean more images/videos.  It also allows me to set up to monitor a specific watering hole or trail.  I can place more cameras in strategic locations around an area and because all of the cameras are placed and monitoring at the same time, I can pin-point which trails are used more frequently, and at what times during the day or night.
  • More cameras mean more images/videos.  Another good thing about having more cameras is that if you have several areas that you want to monitor wildlife, perhaps many miles apart – you can place cameras at two or more locations, and can go check them all on one outing
  • Damage/Theft.  Let’s face it.  If there is any one thing I have learned in my life is that if you own something, somebody else also wants to own it.  Trail Cameras are no exception.  While most people are honest and respect others, there are some who blatantly disregard the hard work others put into improving their lives and will stop at nothing to obtain something without having to pay for it themselves.  And unfortunately owning and placing trail cameras may come at the expense of somebody stealing or damaging them.  So, if I am going to have a camera stolen or damaged by some low life, it only makes sense to lose a less expensive camera than a more expensive one.  Just my opinion.

Of course there are reasons somebody might want some more expensive cameras:

  • Higher quality images/videos.  Let’s face it.  Most people would rather watch video in a higher quality format than lower, grainy video.  It just makes it more pleasant and eye appealing.
  • More features.  Just like anything else, the more money you pay for a trail camera, the more features you will have.  And there are some really cool features available on the higher end cameras.

It all comes down to personal preference.  My preference is to be able to get more video/images while at the same time reducing the burden I would feel to losing a camera to theft/damage.